Day One

Day one was partially successful and partially not. One problem is the enablers I have in my life.

My parents have never been as heavy as I am and therefore don’t understand my desire to have a hardcore lifestyle change. They invited me to dinner and had potato salad and ribs. Very unhealthy. I realize that in order to make this complete change I am going to have to bring my own food when invited over, it’s the only way I can make my changes stick.

What was my partial success then? I measured my breakfast, I measured my lunch, and even when I got super stressed and went and bought a cinnamon swirl coffee cake and venti chai latte from Starbucks, I threw it all away. I know, horrible waste of money, but if I have to waste money in order to stop myself from over eating that is just what I have to do.

On the fitness side, I took a mile long walk yesterday with my dog. It was a 19 minute mile but that is my start. Every happy ending has a beginning, and this is mine 🙂

Weight: 176.0
Goal: 145
Total Lost: 0
Days into Challenge: 1

Progress Photo:










“Your journey begins when you dare to believe in yourself” ~Angela


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