Day Two & Three

Oh my goodness, I swear things are finally clicking! It is like I’m the person I have always longed to be 🙂 I can’t believe that I am finally able to make this change to my life!!

Day two was amazing! I tracked all of my food and was left with 35 calories remaining. I didn’t stray from a balanced diet too much, although hot dogs certainly aren’t healthy, but I kept my portions under control and had only one hot dog, 9 potato fries, and half a cup of baked beans. Awesome in the portion control department!! 🙂

I also went on two long walks yesterday, a 1.70 mile walk and a 1.22 mile walk. My paces were pretty good and my pace for my 1.70 mile walk got all the way down to 16 minutes per hour!! Woo hoo! On top of all this I also drank my full 8/8oz of water and a little extra.

Day three, today, was equally amazing!! I had 238 calories left over today!!!! That is so awesome. I ate only my three meals and when I got home from my night time event at work I worked out to a 48 minute pilates tape rather than plop down on the couch to eat and watch TV. Such a radical change in my life because TV used to be my be all end all everyday. I had a show for every night of the week and now I can honestly say that if I only had fitness shows to watch I would be a happy camper.

I burned 143 during my pilates exercise. The only thing I didn’t do well today was I didn’t drink enough water, but I’m sure that I’ll be okay on that end on other days because water is pretty much all I drink now.

I am moving forward, onward, and upward in my new way of life and I AM LOVING IT!! I no longer feel stressed and I enjoy the outdoors, another thing that I thought I would never say. All in all, I am so happy and blessed that God layed it on my life to change my lifestyle in a permanent way.

Starting Weight: 176
Current Weight: 174.8
Total lost: 1.2 lbs
Days into challenge: 3

Progress photo:

“Your journey begins when you dare to believe in yourself” ~ Angela


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