Day Four & Five

My physical health keeps getting better and better! I’m so incredibly excited for the amazing changes that have been happening in my life!

Day Four was full of things going on at work. I got to work at 7 am and was on my feet all day. I was successful in tracking my foods and in staying under my calories. When I got home, my legs were so sore. The old me would have plopped down with a big snack and vegged in front of the TV. The new me, however, is the one in charge these days and so I decided to alleviate the horrible pain in my legs by doing Yoga. It felt amazing and my legs no longer hurt.

I’m losing track of my days for some reason, but I also wanted to mention that one night this week I did a 50 minute pilates workout. Amazing is a simple way to describe how that workout went and felt.

Yesterday, day five I broke a personal distance record for my evening walk and went 1.80 miles at a 3.5 mph pace. Awesome!

I have been breaking a lot of goals though, including not snacking on unhealthy things anytime during the day and making better choices about what I eat. Overall I would say that my changes thus far have been all successes.

Starting Weight: 176
Current Weight: 174.8
Total lost: 1.2 lbs
Days into challenge: 5

Progress Photo:



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