Day Six & Seven

Okay, I’m finally going to catch my blog up and do a post every night for the day I’m currently on.
Day six, yesterday, went pretty well. I had some cravings and did a little light snacking, but overall I think I did pretty good. I’m still trying to determine whether soynut butter and crackers is a bad snack; I guess it just depends on the amount I eat. I ate about 9 crackers (the mini saltines) with very little soynut butter (I’m talking dime size, not half dollar :p)

Yesterday evening I finally got my husband in on the new life and we took a 1.50 mile walk together around our neighborhood. It felt amazing knowing that I am not in this alone and that my partner in life is going to also be my partner in changing it 🙂

This morning, the beginning of day seven, I woke up and did my pilates routine. I did not complete the whole routine, which I am very disappointed about!! I felt so exhausted and hungry and I just had no energy to complete what I had started. Now, my son, who is 18 months old, did keep my hubby and I up until 1 am, so that may have contributed to my not being able to complete my exercise, but I’m still a little down about it.

Also, tonight, hubby and I went on our first date night since I’ve begun Fitness Epiphany. It didn’t go as planned. My plan was to eat a healthy dinner at whatever restaurant we went to. What actually happened was I ate a bowl of egg drop soup, 4 crab ragoons and about 2.5 cups of Lo Mein. When we went for ice cream afterwards (yeah, you read that right) I did not finish it though. I took about three bites and realized how badly I was sabotaging myself. No more!! Next time I will do better, much much better 🙂

In more positive news, I am applying to be in the Mamavation Sistahood. The Mamavation Sistahood is a group of women all supporting each other in the pursuit of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. I think they are going to be a huge help in keeping me on track.

Okay, well that is it for tonight. I am going to go to bed soon so I can get up early in the morning and actually finish my pilates routine. Here’s hoping that little man actually stays asleep tonight!!

Starting Weight: 176
Current Weight: 174.8
Total Lost: 1.2 lbs
Goal Weight: 145
Days into challenge: 7
Feeling: Challenged but able

Progress Photo:


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