Change, Change, Change

There is something I used to say would always be my limitation in fitness; I would never be a runner. I always told everyone, and most importantly I told myself, that I just wasn’t cut out for running. My legs hurt too bad, I ran out of breath too quickly, and I just hated it.

In the last couple of days I have done a 180 on the running deal. Two days ago I went out for my daily walk and something happened. I felt like running. I picked up my pace to a jog and I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing! I didn’t feel worn out, I didn’t feel defeated…I felt amazing!!

The next day I jogged around 1.75 miles and the day after that 2 miles! Today, I bought a jogging stroller. Truly, there has been some drastic and amazing changes going on in my life!

I am now seeing that the trouble always was that I lacked belief in myself. I never gave myself credit for the things I was always capable of doing. Essentially I gave up before even starting.

I don’t ever plan on letting go of this new found love of running and staying in shape. Life is too much better now to ever let it go!

My progress photo for today is not of me, but of my new jogging stroller, The Mamavation 5000

“Your journey begins when you dare to believe in yourself” ~ Angela


One thought on “Change, Change, Change

  1. Congratulations on miknag a decision to be healthier you. No change starts until we make a decision. I’m watching your story and just thought I’d let you know.

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