Zumba Run – Mamavation Monday Post

It has been getting easier to make the choice to exercise, which I am so excited about! I think I was hit with a bout of depression here recently. My grandmother passed away and my personal relationships were few and rocky at that.

I simply could not find the energy reserves to get my butt up off the couch and workout.

Until New Year’s day! I thought to myself, “I should go running” and my goodness, I just got up and did it!! It felt amazing (aside from the cough I got afterwards from 19 mph winds) and I felt pumped up and alive again! Exercise truly is a creator of joy and high spirits.

Last night I did the same thing. “I should go to zumba” and so I did. I shook my buns all over the place and felt so much better about myself! I am so sore today in the best way. And now I feel even more motivated to keep strengthening my body and getting it ready for a continued healthy life.

Tonight I really plan on using EA Sports Active 2 so look for a blog post about that!

~ Angela


4 thoughts on “Zumba Run – Mamavation Monday Post

  1. Sometimes it just feels good to run away from it all I first started running when my sister got sick, and whenever bad news would come in I would just take off. Can you imagine seeing my 300lb butt running in the snow at night? I think it may have been the best I have ever felt in a stressfull situation!

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