My Week In Review

So I’m sure everyone is wondering whether I’ve continued to exercise given my burst of motivation or if it was just that, a burst, and nothing more.

Well I’m excited to report that I have consistently kicked my butt this week! I have alternated running and zumba daily and have had no break. I am so freaking proud of myself because I had truly fallen into a junk food hell in the months of October, November, and the beginning of December. Thank God I managed to climb out of that pit and realize what I was doing to myself!

I am also happy to report that between Christmas and now I have lost 10 pounds! Now to me this is bitter sweet because if I had continued to workout and eat right in the first place I would be even closer to my goal. But I have to take my accomplishments at face value and just be proud that I am on the right track again.

Today I really plan on using EA Sports Active 2 because I won’t be able to fit in zumba or running as I have a girl’s night tonight. So when Joshua goes down for a nap I’ll be trying that out.

I am also going to start the #2weekchallenge through Mamavation and I am loving how they have a nutrition aspect this time too because this is SO important!

Until next time!

“Your journey begins with you dare to believe in yourself.”

~ Angela


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