Weight Watchers

So the last time I lost weight it was through Weight Watchers. I lost 20 pounds in fact. That is a lot for me!

Since that time I stopped using WW, essentially I stopped working the program. Guess what happened? I gained 10 pounds back.

What did I learn from this experience? I learned that I am a woman in need of accountability. I almost have to see those numbers to know if I have the room to eat one more thing. I’m sure one day I will move on from this dependence, but for now I am a food addict, so for now I need to follow those numbers.

I am now an active member of WW again and I am doing ok again. It is very hard though because I often get hungry (thank goodness fruit and veggies are 0 points!) And I also get crazy cravings that literally drive me nuts. These are the hard times and they will pass, I am sure of it!

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One thought on “Weight Watchers

  1. Hey there. Yea I like WW too. I’ve used it to trim down before. About 20 pounds like you did. This year I am not really following the program, but using things I’ve learned from it and another diet I’ve done to eat healthier. To keep myself accountable I am using myfitnesspal.com Its pretty awesome. Have you ever heard of it? Feel free to read my blog to find out how it goes.

    I also have noticed that WW has changed their plan. Has this confused you at all?

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