Bouncing Back From Fitness Failure

Maybe you’re in the same spot as me. I have completely lost my motivation for getting healthy and fit. I mean, I still have reasons for getting healthy; health, family, have more energy, look more sexy. But none of these are motivation.

I have been yo-yoing it for a while now. I’m back up to almost 190…185 is just 5 away from 190. I know I’m 5’7” and I “wear” my fat well, but on the inside I know it is tearing me up.

My knee has given out almost entirely which is a huge reason for not being able to get in shape right now. My passion is running but it is hard to do when every other step hurts.

I am going to start Weight Watchers hard core tomorrow. I am going to start blogging about my progress as well to give me a place to vent and shout in triumph that I did something good. Today is a new day and this can be a new me if I will just let it happen.

Starting weight: 185
Current Goal Weight: 170
Ultimate Goal Weight: 145 or slightly lower.

Wish me not luck, but motivation and perseverance!

~ Angela


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