The Day for Change

Okay, it’s morning on my first day of change. I am going to make myself a fruit and flaxseed smoothie with Silk.

For lunch I’m going to have a salad using Lean Cuisine’s salad toppers.

Dinner…well I think we’re having hot dogs but on whole wheat buns. I won’t be having chips with it but some fresh fruit and only one hot dog.

As far as snacks, I have cheese sticks and grapes for throughout the day snacking. I’m going to the grocery store too so might get some other things or even a healthier alternative for dinner.

Exercise Plans

I plan on riding my bike today and if that doesn’t work out I’m going to dance for 45 minutes to Just Dance songs. I love that workout and it really works up a sweat!

That’s the plan for today, and I do plan on sticking to it. Will write more on my progress later if I get some time.

~ Angela


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