Will Power 0 Junk Food 4

Today has been the impetus for the creation of a whole new category on my blog. “Need Improvement Day”

The morning started out well with a Mixed Berry Soy Milk based smoothie with flaxseed and extra fiber added…wonderful right? How could you screw up after a good morning like this???

Well, apparently it is pretty easy to do :-/

Flash forward to my arrival at work; I love coffee. I mean, I’ll drink a whole pot at home by myself kind of love coffee. But the issue is I work at a university with a Starbucks. My office, in fact, is right above the Starbucks. I can smell the coffee everyday when I come to work.

The other issue? The inside of the coffee pot in our office looks like the crap that is on the bottom of boats…or what is on the inside the creatures that eat the crap on the bottom of boats. I have had coffee from it a couple of times, but my gag reflex is hard to overcome when I can taste the grime…okay enough of that…I’m about to gag just thinking about it.

Anyway, so I indulge myself in a cup of coffee most every morning. The problem there is I had no idea just how many Weight Watchers points my favorite drink was…In case you’re wondering a Venti Hazelnut Macciato with Soy Milk (but it’s organic so it’s healthy…right???) is 19 weight watchers points!! I only get 31 points in a day! That is over half my points o.O and yes, I only calculated after I had already drank the damn thing!

Flash forward about a couple of hours…I walk into the office of the Dean’s secretary and she has what else in her candy jar but my favorite candy in the world (aside from Smarties <3)…Peanut Butter Cups! I grabbed 3 of these individual wrapped pieces of fat and sugar but totally did not equate them with fat and sugar when I ate them. At that time they were individually wrapped pieces of joy. Can you guess whether or not I calculated my points before eating those? Nope. Three Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are 9 points.

I then had my lunch, a warm up bowl of New England Clam Chowder, which when not combined with the crap earlier in the day wouldn’t have been bad. If I had had only the fruit smoothie and the chowder I would have 21 points left in the day for like, I don’t know, dinner!! Now I have 0. I have weekly points, but those are what got me in major trouble the last time I used WW. I am going to try to save those extra points for weekends only if I use them at all.

So tonight I can eat veggies and fruit for dinner and nothing else. I really have to stick to this in order to remind myself of the importance of calculating my points before I eat.

That is why today is a “Need Improvement” Day, because I see these mistakes as an opportunity to improve, not kick myself. This is the moment to analyze what went wrong (not pre-calculating) so I can make the right decision next time (I will calculate before anything enters my mouth aside from water!).

I believe that tomorrow can be a better day full of improvement. I really look forward to writing an uplifting, accomplishment post tomorrow rather than a “fat girl” confession blog again.

Also, thanks to all the people recently following me! I am glad you are getting something out of reading my blog. Hopefully you won’t mind the huge novel I wrote today!

~ Angela


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