I Tried to Run From It…

I really tried to run from it. I dodged, juked, and sprinted away from the food choices I’ve made over the last five years. I thought “I’m only 24, 25, 26, 27, what could happen to me?”.

Cue the stomach pain.

Last Saturday while staying at a women’s Bible retreat with my mom, we were having a spinach salad. I’ve had stomach trouble with spinach before, but really minor. I didn’t think about it when I chowed down.

Within five minutes I was writhing in what I can only describe as worse than labor pain in the center of my stomach. When I was in labor with my son, I did Sudoku…calmly! With this pain, I couldn’t even talk.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Spinach?! Spinach is healthy!” Yes, it is. I have a lot of food sensitivities though. It’s called Oral Allergy Syndrome. I can’t eat raw carrots, spinach (apparently!), broccoli, cucumbers, bell peppers, bananas any type of melon (except watermelon, thank God!) and a number of other foods. Instead of a lengthy description, I’ll just WebMD you with the info Oral Allergy Syndrome

I don’t know that what I had was a gallbladder attack…but it was quite possibly the worst pain I’ve ever felt.

I went to the ER at the nearest hospital. They only took blood and nothing else and said I had extreme gas pain…uh…yeah, okay.

Flash forward to Monday, I go to see my PCP. My doctor is awesome! He said “they didn’t do an ultrasound of your stomach, no imaging? Did you even see a doctor?” “No, I saw a PA” “My goodness, it sounds like they just blew you off.”

My doctor then says he is fairly sure that what I experienced was a gallbladder attack. He ordered a round of blood tests and an ultrasound of my gallbladder.

The next day I had my ultrasound. I received the call from my doctors nurse saying…neither my ultrasound nor my blood work showed issues with my gallbladder. My doctor ordered an upper GI to determine the cause of my pain; I have that next Tuesday.

He said he still suspects some sort of problem with my gallbladder, perhaps just in the beginning stages. I have been put on a strict low-fat diet and I’m on prilosec daily. At 27. I have a strict diet and I’m on daily medication. This is not okay.

I am killing myself slowly with the food choices I make. And it has to stop now.

So I have been following my Doctor’s directives and I am doing pretty well. I’ve had 2 g of fat Oatmeal every morning with yummy .2 g of fat grapes. I’ve had 1 g of fat soup. But the most important thing this diet is doing? This diet is causing me to let go of the food = pleasure mentality.

The day the doctor said my gallbladder looks clear…I’ll admit, I ate some pizza rolls. Just 6…I thought to myself, moderation. My stomach began to cramp up. This might have been psychosomatic, but it was enough to convince me that I need not eat like crap anymore. This is my second chance, and thank God it was at 27 and not when I was a hamburger away from a heart attack at an older age.

I’ve been given this chance, and I don’t intend to screw it up!

~ Angela


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