It’s 2015!

Time FliesYou know those weird moments when you realize how much time has passed? I’m having one of those today by looking at my last blog post on this, my health-centric blog. It doesn’t surprise me since I myself have not been health-centric for the past two years. Why would I blog about it?

I’m ready to get back on track! I have had a baby in between my last blog post and today’s ‘new-beginnings’ post. I now have three children to be healthy for and to be a good example to.

I am going to write here daily to keep myself accountable for what I’ve eaten and the exercise I’ve done.

Kevin made some DIY TRX bands for me to use in the garage so I’ll be doing that tonight at 9 pm. Here is my food plan for today:

* Oatmeal
* Piece of toast

* Sweet potato

* Apple
* Peach

* Pork chops and brown rice

It’s going to be a good day!


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