You Give Yoga A Bad Name

I know I haven’t posted on here in a long, long time, however, I am still on my fitness journey.

I have also hit a speed bump though – wrist pain from Yoga.

A little after the new year I discovered an awesome app called Down Dog where I get to know all kinds of yoga flows and do them along with an instructor. It has been a Godsend! I have always had horrible back pain by evening, most likely because I sit around at a desk all

My back pain was instantly gone after my first yoga practice – I was hooked!

Cut to this week and enter wrist pain. My hands have never been able to bend back to 90 degree angles but a lot of the yoga moves do have hands in that position. Unfortunately, I am a determined (*cough* stubborn) person who will attempt to do anything shown to me even if my body can’t physically pull it off.

My wrist is in some serious pain – like nightmares all night about compound fractures in my wrist type of pain. Today I’m wearing a brace (which is making typing tolerable for work) but I am concerned about the future for (Hatha) yoga and me.

For today, I am going to baby my wrist and tonight’s yoga flow will be courtesy of some of these “wristless” yoga videos I’ve seen on YouTube. Yoga and I can still be friends, we just have to learn more about each other. And this is one friend I’m totally okay with learning more about.


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