Reset Button

Every now and then in life, something hits the reset button. We start over at a new job, we begin a brand new journey, we fall off the wagon of our healthy lifestyle and have to start from square one.

But I think the biggest reset button of all is having a brand new baby. Particularly when they are a surprise…and you’ve been donating and consigning every thing having to do with raising babies.

Well, guess who hit the reset button? My husband and I! That’s right, we’re expecting baby number 4!

But this reset button is sort of like resetting a video game; each time you reset a game, you are given a fresh slate, another opportunity to do even better during your play time. You now know all the secret passages and hidden Easter eggs in the game. You’ve been there and done that and can play this game like a total rock star!

This time, the hidden Easter egg that I am going to tap into is having a fit and healthy pregnancy. I was just getting serious about my fitness journey again – I had found this motivation that I had never felt before to be healthy, fit, and actually like it!

So I’m bringing this lifestyle with me through my pregnancy. I know I’ll still gain women-1898499_960_720.jpgweight, but I’m hoping to make it only what baby needs, and nothing more. I’m feeding my body healthy foods to satisfy cravings (because cravings are mostly a sign of a nutrient deficiency that you need to find a healthy food to help with), and I am keeping up a gentle exercise routine throughout my pregnancy. I’m going to keep walking, doing prenatal yoga (we’ve even nicknamed the baby Yogi Bear <3) but most importantly I’m not going to be swimming in junk food with the over-used excuse of jabba.jpg“Well I’m eating for two so that’s why I’m turning into Jabba the Hutt!”

So here is to all the reset buttons we encounter and our decision to embrace the knowledge we have this time to make it the best fresh start of our lives!


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