Prenatal Workouts on YouTube

Since becoming pregnant I have made it a point to maintain my exercise routine. I am working out everyday and also doing at least a 20 minute yoga flow a day.

While I can’t 100% give credit to my fitness and healthy food lifestyle, I can report that I have had zero symptoms of pregnancy. My breasts are a tad sore, and I feel only a little bit more tired than usual, but other than that, I feel absolutely amazing! With my other three pregnancies (I don’t think I worked out the entire nine months and I ate like a pig!) I was already throwing up daily by this far along.

So, I wanted to share with you some of the videos that I have been exercising to over the course of my pregnancy so far 🙂

Prenatal Yoga with Kristin McGee

When it comes to yoga during my prenatal phase of life, I am following along mostly with the video below. The moves are doable and leave me feeling great afterwards. If I don’t do this one, then I search on YouTube for hands free yoga videos, which are also pretty gentle.

My favorite! BodyFit by Amy!

Amy is by far one of my all-time favorite fitness YouTubers around. Her workouts are effective and she explains each move step-by-step. Her prenatal videos are every bit as awesome!
Keeping fit is so important during pregnancy, not only to help stave off some nasty pregnancy symptoms, but also to help keep everything working well inside to help baby with their development and growth.

Here is to a fit and happy pregnancy!



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