You Give Yoga A Bad Name

I know I haven’t posted on here in a long, long time, however, I am still on my fitness journey.

I have also hit a speed bump though – wrist pain from Yoga.

A little after the new year I discovered an awesome app called Down Dog where I get to know all kinds of yoga flows and do them along with an instructor. It has been a Godsend! I have always had horrible back pain by evening, most likely because I sit around at a desk all

My back pain was instantly gone after my first yoga practice – I was hooked!

Cut to this week and enter wrist pain. My hands have never been able to bend back to 90 degree angles but a lot of the yoga moves do have hands in that position. Unfortunately, I am a determined (*cough* stubborn) person who will attempt to do anything shown to me even if my body can’t physically pull it off.

My wrist is in some serious pain – like nightmares all night about compound fractures in my wrist type of pain. Today I’m wearing a brace (which is making typing tolerable for work) but I am concerned about the future for (Hatha) yoga and me.

For today, I am going to baby my wrist and tonight’s yoga flow will be courtesy of some of these “wristless” yoga videos I’ve seen on YouTube. Yoga and I can still be friends, we just have to learn more about each other. And this is one friend I’m totally okay with learning more about.


No More Wandering Around Oz

I am down to 184 pounds! I started at at 204 pounds and have fluctuated all around the weight spectrum. But I found my motivation. and it was inside all along.

I’m from Kansas and being from Kansas it is just a given, a birth right nearly, that you will grow up watching the Wizard of Oz. One of my favorite parts has always been the part where Glinda reveals to Dorothy that she had at her disposal the ability to go home the entire time she’d been in Oz. And she tells her:

You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.

That’s how I feel right now about my fitness journey. I always had the ability to make this dramatic lifestyle change, but I had to learn it for myself. I had to grow to understand that I have and always have had the ability to create in myself the change I’ve always longed for.

I’m not content with wandering around Oz any longer. From now on I am going to be in control and get myself ‘home’ to the person I know I can be. I’ve always had the power, and I intend to keep using it.


Always remember, the body achieves what the mind believes!

~ Angela